Amateur Dictator

After realizing his lifelong dream of becoming a dictator, a charismatic building superintendent from NYC struggles to wrestle power from the CIA puppet state, and claim his place in history.



Jorge Mendoza is a short, charismatic building super from Ecuador living in NYC. After years of practicing speeches and emulating dictators, the CIA conscripts him to be the next dictator of a little known Latin American country. Suddenly in power, and utterly unqualified, Jorge’s lofty dreams square off against the dangerous reality of running a country. 

In an absurdly funny journey, Jorge takes on the dysfunctional country–corrupt generals, murderous advisors, crumbling infrastructure, a growing rebel movement, and the crushing pressure of American imperialism.

Will Jorge’s street smarts and knack for grandiose oration be enough for the Dictator-for-life to make it out alive?


There are a few key elements used to tell the story of Amateur Dictator. 

Interviews with real people about their very real worlds. We talk to experts about the topics they know well and are passionate about.

Interviews with the fictional characters in our story that retell Jorge’s fictional journey.

Fictional “documentary” footage of the events of Jorge’s life. This also includes photographs, articles, social media, etc. The imagery that builds this parallel world.

A growing oligarchy is threatening average people around the world. There is a trend toward nationalism. The US president is a reality TV star. We’re questioning the news. We’re questioning truth.

The story serves as a mirror for the audience to better understand where we are and how we arrived at this point, employing humor as the sugar to help the medicine go down. This is a time when we should be asking questions. This is a time to reevaluate, step back, and laugh along the way.